Understanding how LED displays work is just as important as to why you should invest in them. Although a member of our DSS team will always be there for you to assist with your new display, it’s good to know how our systems work so you are a professional at operating and maintaining your screen. Here’s how our displays work.


The Source

It starts with what you wish to display, or content. Your content comes from a source. Your source may be a laptop computer, a DVD player, a camera or anything you desire.

The Switcher

Your source is fed to a switcher that we provide. The switcher can take multiple different sources at one time.


The source then sends the feed through the switcher, to a sending card. The sending card now sends the feed wirelessly or through CAT5 cable to the display.

The Board

The feed has now reached the board. The image is bright and clear and you can now keep your source, or run advertisements if you wish through the software and computer that DSS provides.